Theme Tuesdays: Street Car Livery – 2


Gil at the made an astute observation earlier this year, street car livery was once ‘owned’ by the and everyone else looked at them like ‘y’all crazy for that’ but now livery is practically common place in the Japanese, Euro, and even American car scenes.

This trend has been on an up-rise for the past few seasons not but I feel like it’s going to be really popular next year with at least one example at essentially every show. That is of course until the cops start to catch on and start using livery as an excuse to pull people over.

I feel there’s a good chance that might already be happening, but I digress…

This Iroc is wicked because it’s so darn different. I really hope to cross paths with it one day.

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I’ve been a big fan of Martini livery since transformers and and w11vw did wicked job on this car and bike

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This truck is actually the subject of a feature right now

And is actually friends with who drives this Civic on and off the track

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and @sparkyvw will be appearing in a whole lot of h2oi coverage

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This car was finished back in 2011, so a little ahead of the curve
Gotta love the mini-me too more photos
Gil of course with his Canadian Club car
It’s hard to say if the guys from Eurokracy even still have this car with how often they change things up, but it looked pretty good at Eurokracy 2016


Of all the livery’s out now is still my favorite… and I don’t even smoke

I’m pretty interested to see more of this so if you have any bangers I missed feel free to comment below.


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